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"Why Michelle? Because she's one of the best! My physical therapist recommended Michelle to me and now I understand why he spoke so highly of her. Michelle is professional, understands how to help people succeed in their goals and makes fitness fun. I am very fortunate to have found Michelle and to have the opportunity to learn from her. My advice: If you're thinking of working with a trainer, go chat with Michelle for a few minutes. I think you'll be happy you did."

~Tom, 2018

"I have been going to Michelle for my fitness training for ten years. She is a great trainer and has kept me fit through a couple of serious injuries. She is professional and  supportive and I leave our sessions feeling strong and looking forward to our next workout!"

~Karen, 2018

"Michelle is fantastic! I've been working with her for several years, and she keeps my workouts fun while constantly challenging me to push my strength and endurance.  She's very knowledgeable and gives good corrections and modifications when I need them.  Her workout space is calm and I have everything I need to get a great full body workout."

~Sara, 2017

"OMG. Michelle is such a great trainer.  I appreciate the simplicity of the workouts she's developed for me as well as the thirty minute time frame. She seems to have all the needed equipment in her little fitness studio. The workouts are challenging yet...the TIME FLIES! I highly recommend Michelle."

~Marneaux, 2017

Be Truly Fit - Michelle Downer and Dennycrane

Be Truly Fit - Michelle Downer and Dennycrane